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Digital New Media is all about innovation, creativity and trust. We are specialized in video production, but we are a part of the interdisciplinary exploration environment between art and technology. We work with the physical and virtual space, we put the spotlight on visual, sound and text expressions, by using clear concepts and state of the art technologies.

We strive to ensure client happiness and to maintain a healthy, positive and optimistic relation. The members of our team, each have their unique set of skills and a vast knowledge of their field (marketing, design, graphics and film). Our clients’ satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We strive to achieve it while building a productive, creative, long-term open relationship.

With the help of top filming techniques, your video will look modern, in perfect harmony with the new digital era. We do not produce mass materials, but, very much like craftsmen, we obsess over details and raise our product to that level that will surpass our clients’ expectations.

We want to know everything about your business and to promote it as if it were our own. Our manner of working and thinking allows us to identify and visually define your image: we have the tools and we invest constantly in new means of creating it.

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How does a video help promote your business?

It is no longer a secret that one can use persuasion techniques in sales. Here you can find out how a quality video can help promote your business:

Be seen!

You win a customer only when he is in the perfect time and place in order to perceive your message. Social media, outdoor advertising, television and even word-of-mouth are today’s means of sharing your message and, therefore, of building the image of your business. A video clip which shines a light on your best assets makes you popular in the best manner available. Whatever your product or service may be, it must first be seen!

Get their attention!

Visually stimulating him with the aid of the newest techniques, you can be sure you get the viewer’s attention much easier. Make your customer understand! We use techniques and symbols that your targeted audience can understand. We promote your business or product, but in the same time we explain to the public in simple concepts what it is that you have to offer.

Get accepted!

A well designed video brings the product closer to the client. He is mesmerized by the image and sound. He, thus, accepts your vision and is ready for the next steps.

Maintain your position!

The message is remembered by the clients for a longer period of time, and frequent repetition convinces him, making him act. The person seeing your video in various media already knows who you are, what you do and what is the product you promote.


You have the client’s attention and he reaches out to your services or buys the product you are advertising.



Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

— Scott Adams —


How does an animation help promote your business?

Your message must reach the public in its clearest, most interesting and original shape. Sometimes, a graphic example can turn out to be the most effective mean of promoting your business or product.

We use all that the visual language implies: background, images, effects, structures, text, direction, special techniques and audio inserts in order to get the message through.

The good ideas will survive.

— Quentin Tarantino —


Our Featured Works and Case Studies so far


We are a young, dynamic team of entrepreneurs with a vision. But, more important, we are equipped with the abilities we need to put our ideas into practice. We are pioneers in video producing and editing and we are proud to be part of the new wave of advertising.
We dare, without making any kind of compromise, to raise the standard in commercial production. In doing so, we use filming techniques, concepts, professional editing, in order to surpass our clients’ expectations.

What sets us apart from other specialists on the market is precisely the way we perceive and deal with our clients. Our credo is based on three strong points which appeal to our customers.
First of all, the filming and production techniques we use in our daily work are of the latest generation.
The way we collaborate with our clients is not based solely on strictly necessary interactions. We handle every project with the same patience and interest we would our own.
Because we know that the financial part of any contract is important to our partners, we offer our services at the right price.

The final product of our collaboration is by no means a one-sided vision, but a mixture of the best ideas which come from both sides. We get involved in every detail, we debate every idea and when we reach the best of the versions, we use all our abilities in order to make it come to life in the shape of that perfect final product.
We are flexible in our way of thinking as well as in the manner we work.

Conventional, low quality approaches will not bring you, nor your company the change it needs in order to grow in this continuously changing world.
The best way of defining the impact of our work is by its results themselves, by the results of our clients. Increased sales, a larger number of clients and a greater impact on the targeted public are but a few of the results our partners have achieved with our help.


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